iPad official, plays all AppStore games

Apple today made its latest product, the much talked about iPad tablet computer, officially official. And what does it have to do with videogames? It plays every game already available on the AppStore without the need for modifications. Every game can be blown up to fit the 9.7 inch multi-touch screen with the touch of a button and can be played with a control scheme similar to that of the iPhone.

During the press event where the new product was announced, Gameloft’s senior business development manager Mark Hickey took the stage to show off Nova, a first-person shooter designed specifically for the iPad that will be available later in the year.

EA’s vice president of worldwide studios Travis Boatman was also present and showed off an iPad version of Need for Speed: Shift. According to Boatman, converting the game from the iPhone to the iPad took very little time — an indication that more such conversions from the publishing giant are on the way perhaps.

The iPad itself will be available as Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled versions — each with a 1Ghz processor at its core that runs the CPU, graphics, and memory operations on a single chip — with prices ranging from $499-$829. The Wi-Fi version will arrive in 60 days, the 3G in 90.