L.A. Noire the next Rockstar title to have allegations of mismanagement thrust upon it

TVGB’s official Rockstar controversy reporter Jarrod Johnston here with some more of that trademark muckraking that you crave. As you are probably aware, Rockstar is (allegedly) a total mess of a company and it (allegedly) totally sucks working there, and today’s discussion on how not to run a videogame company (part seven) focuses on a mysterious twitter account started by someone calling themselves “veracious_shit” who claims to know about the inner workings of the Rockstar published, Team Bondi developed L.A. Noire.

Mr. Shit first discusses Team Bondi president and The Getaway creative director Brendan McNamara and his borderline obsession with topping the Grand Theft Auto series, with the author claiming “McNamara had little clue what he was doing and was just following his arbitrary whims”. L.A. Noire was to be a Sony published title until Sony decided it wasn’t worth the headache, so Sony and Take-Two “came to agreement that the former wouldn’t pursue the costs incurred for development in exchange for a franchise exclusive”. He goes on to say that the game has been “revamped, ported, and delayed four times” and that “Rockstar spent more [money then] Sony in their efforts to make it not suck.”

Due to the widespread nature of the Rockstar saga, the chances of a source like this just being some very creative fellow looking to make a name for himself are high, but given Rockstar’s recent track record, this story wouldn’t be shocking if it turned out to be true. Read on to check out some of my personal favorite tweets from our good buddy.

“Also, if you want to go to that Rockstar SD Spouse post and replace studio names and games, you have a good idea of Team Bondi as of present”

“The number of employees presently at Team Bondi who were there in 2005 is in the single digits.”

“Team Bondi’s turnover rate is extremely high, even by standards of high turnover for gaming studios.”

“The game was now titled L.A. Noire–the “e” came from a programmers typo of “noir.””

“He had no clue how to manage a work environment–creating a horrible standard for quality of life with an ineffective human resources team.”