Ubisoft takes the side of consumers, doesn’t want raised game prices

Modern Warfare 2 caused a bit of a stir in the UK when it bumped up its RRP to £55. Of course, that didn’t stop anyone from buying it, but it didn’t make anyone very happy either. Now Ubisoft has jumped into the debate, warning fellow publishers about the dangers of higher priced games.

Rob Cooper, the company’s UK head spoke out with “there is no point spending more on our products if the profit margins evaporate to a trickle or the prices that the public have to pay for our wares become horrifically high.” For the most part, standard game prices are consistent, but games that pack in peripherals, or certain excessive special editions are usually pretty expensive.

Recently Ubisoft have found success both critically and commercially with their big budget title, Assassin’s Creed II, which gets its first piece of DLC this week.