Xbox Live point system stems a lawsuit

Ever get angry when you have to purchase a batch of Microsoft points for $20 when you only needed $15 worth? Or when the extra points are an odd number that are difficult to get rid of? Well someone hated this so much that he has decided to start a class action lawsuit against the gaming giant.

Samuel Lassoff, an attorney located in Horsham, PA, claims that Microsoft “engaged in a scheme to unjustly enrich itself through their fraudulent handling.” Lassoff is referring to the way in which gamers are commonly stuck with leftover unused points that are obtained with real money after making purchases through Xbox Live.

Aaron Greenberg, product manager for Microsoft, stated on G4TV that they “never intended to mislead people,” adding that in the future gamers might be able to make purchases for the exact amount instead of the point system that is currently in place.

Lassoff has a few other lawsuits under his belt including one against internet behemoth Google back in 2006. Whether Nintendo will be next in line considering their point system is nearly identical is yet to be determined.