A lot of not killing going on in this Aliens vs. Predator trailer

The new Aliens vs. Predator is looking pretty tight. You know what is looking coolest about it? The bloody kills you can perform as a Predator or Alien. Of course you wouldn’t know any of this from the above trailer. No, this trailer is full of walking and some jumping and some hunting. It does show off the interesting distraction skill of the Predator, but come on! This trailer is like going to the the candy store for some candy and the guy hands you vegetables.

Well, lets not be too harsh. I suppose they had to release something that wasn’t dripping in blood and had humans screaming and running for their lives. The children need to be advertised to too. How will they know to buy the game with the bloody kills they aren’t supposed to see if they can’t see the trailer for the game because it has bloody kills in it? Let’s hear it for Rebellion; always thinking of the children… and Australia.