EA ramps up Dante’s Inferno advertising Super Bowl style

The methods Dante’s Inferno has used to garner attention have been crude, controversial, and down right strange. This time EA has decided to dig deep into their wallets and just go for a huge viewing audience with the Super Bowl on Feb 7th.

While no official word yet from EA, the timing seems right since the title is releasing just two days later. There is also no mention on just how long of a time slot EA has secured for their demonic action game, but at $2.6 million per 30 second spot I’m guessing about 29 1/2 seconds to keep it safe.

Those people that watched the Saints vs. Vikings game last weekend would know that gaming ads during football games are not unheard of. Mass Effect 2 had a two minute movie like trailer during that game in the 4th quarter to promote a release that was also just two days later. Comparing the demographic profiles of people that play videogames and watch football, this seems to be a courtship concocted by corporate cupid’s arrow.