Epic VP “very impressed” by the iPad

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein is quite taken with Apple’s recently revealed tablet computer and sees it as a more-than-viable gaming platform. Chatting with Kotaku at the press event where the device was announced yesterday, Rein said he was “very impressed” by the game demonstrations given and that he “can only imagine where this platform can go in the future.”

“I was surprised how good they were considering they only had a few weeks with the device,” Rein said. “I think iPad will be great for gaming and I suspect we’ll see many games that make use of the differentiated form factor of the iPad.”

A version of Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 already runs on the iPhone 3GS and the third generation iPod Touch and, since the iPad is capable of playing all games available on the AppStore, on the iPad as well. Rein did not commit to an iPad-specific version of the engine though.