id Software CEO happy with Zenimax merger

It’s been just over seven months since news of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax picking up Doom and Quake developer id Software made headlines. How’s the new relationship going, then?

“It’s actually worked out really well,” id CEO Todd Hollenshead told Edge. “They value development for its own sake, rather than just trying to put something in a box and relying on marketing for sales. They believe in the quality of the product you put in and the value of the entertainment the consumer gets out as what ultimately drives the business.”

Forging the relationship with ZeniMax for id was about gaining “an internal publishing capacity,” Hollenshead says, something he sees as a crucial asset to have these days. “Even more so now than in the past, having a high-quality publishing partner is critical, because the business is so much about either having a hit or being totally irrelevant. There really isn’t a lot of room in the middle.”

“As much as we have valued our publishing relationships with other thirdparty publishers in the past, there is a difference, because we were separate companies. Although we were trying to work together, ultimately there is an idea that we have divergent goals.”

id is currently working on Rage and Doom 4, both due out, of course, ‘when they’re done’.

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