Ten games by end of year for Sony’s motion control device

When the PlayStation Eye was released, it was destined to change the way we play games and communicate with each other. With its high-quality microphone array, no blocky compression artifacts, and high resolution camera, the accessory has done nothing for a very long time except collect dust alongside our Xbox Live Camera, N-Gage, and Wii – until now.

The dust could be cleared this fall with the introduction of the yet-to-be-formally-named Sony Motion Controller that could breathe new life into the camera accessory. According to a Nikkei report, the new controlling device will have “around 10 or so games” due out by the end of the year. Not surprisingly, some of those games include sports and pet raising titles.

We just wonder how long the novelty will last and hope that Sony’s device will capture our attention longer than bowling or tennis on the Wii did. Not that we are skeptics, we just hate dusting.