Hei$t cancelled to the distinct sound of a pin dropping

Hey remember Hei$t? That Codemasters published open-world shooter created by The Bard’s Tale developer InXile Entertainment? Yeah, me neither. I had completely forgotten that it existed since nobody’s made a peep about the game in around two years. Maybe there’s a reason for that, as Codemasters has decided to officially cancel the game, citing a desire to focus on ‘high quality titles’. Ouch.

A unnamed Codemasters spokesperson said, “After a much extended development period, Hei$t has been terminated as a project and removed from our release schedule.” I don’t wanna be cold, but does anyone reading this care? Other than the San Francisco circa 1969 setting, I don’t think there was a single thing to get excited about for Hei$t. Plus, once you replace letters with another symbol, it’s all downhill from there. It worked so well for Driv3r, right?