People should play BioShock 2’s multiplayer because..

..”it’s just different,” 2K Marin’s creative director Jordan Thomas says, elaborating that it “offers much of the draw that differentiates it from other shooters – a detailed environment rich with opportunity to turn on your enemies.” That, the story behind the characters as well as an upgrade system are enough to draw players away from competing multiplayer products, he reckons.

BioShock 2 has “a detailed character-growth model which forces you to hand-craft your own style of play and master it to keep yourself alive,” Thomas said in a recent interview when asked what would keep players coming back when there are games like Modern Warfare 2 around. “And its own integrated narrative – each of the characters you can play is unique to multiplayer, and has all the humor and pathos of any of our singleplayer splicers. As you gain ranks by earning ADAM, you unlock new weapons and tools – but you also gain access to new audio diaries which detail each individual’s fall from grace.”

The game’s out next month, on February 9 in both North America and Europe.