Some Bad Company 2 PC beta stats

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC beta’s first 21 hours were successful ones, gaming service provider Multiplay has announced. The provider saw 100,000 new accounts created, transferred 45 terabytes worth of data and at its peak handled 10,000 connections per second.

“We’ve never seen demand like it,” Managing Director Craig Fletcher says, also taking the opportunity to gloat just a little bit, “At our peak, we were connecting 10,000 people per second – and we managed the demand better than other servers, many of whom were down for hours when demand surged. If there was ever any doubt that our infrastructure and technology in Fileplay was anything other than best in its class, the past 16 hours have proved it.”

The PC beta kicked off yesterday and will last until February 25. A demo of the shooter was released on Xbox Live yesterday as well, with the PS3 one following starting next week.