Vanquish trailer is familiar, awesome

Here we go, the first trailer for Platinum Games’ new shooter, Vanquish.

Created by Shinji Mikami, Vanquish will be the final release in Platinum Games’ four game deal with Sega, an agreement that has already bought us Bayonetta, MadWorld and the well-received Japanese DS RPG Infinite Space (out in the West this Spring). Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Ok, so we’ve all had a moan in the past about some of the ingredients here. Power-suited space marines are hardly a unique proposition, are they? But there’s something about this that makes us tingly inside. Perhaps it’s the way the trailer is directed, perhaps it’s the Iron Man-esque interior helmet shots, or perhaps deep down in our collective pshyches we’ll actually never get bored of being a futuristic badass in a cool outfit. Whatever. This looks fun. Now give us some in-game footage please Platinum.