Microsoft Game Room will not have mature games

Just like Chris Rock said about the Champagne Room, there will be no sex in the Microsoft Game Room; nor will there be blood, intense violence, or strong language. Trying to build a virtual videogame arcade for its users, Microsoft has run an end around the ratings board and made things easier on itself by having the Game Room itself rated, instead of each individual game.

Getting the room an E10+ rating from the ESRB for the room is really a double-edged sword. With not having to get each and every game rated individually, games can flow freely onto the Game Room without much delay and, something we are sure Microsoft is happy about, without having the games spoiled by ESRB listings. The downside to the E10+ general rating is the fact that some of our favorite games – Metal Slug, Mortal Kombat etc… – will not be about to be represented in our digital videogame shrine.