Scott Miller: EA should make another go at Take-Two

Back in 2008, Electronic Arts attempted to purchase Take-Two Interactive prior to the release of sure-fire hit Grand Theft Auto IV. While it seemed like a great idea for EA to acquire such a valuable publisher, the two sides could not reach a common selling price and the deal eventually fell through.

Nearly two years later, Scott Miller of failed Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms is saying that EA should give it another shot in order to reclaim the top developer crown from arch rival Activision. Says Miller, “EA’s only chance, in my opinion, is to acquire Take-Two and add GTA, Max Payne, Duke Nukem, BioShock, and Civilization to its lineup. In fact, they tried acquiring Take-Two already last year. They need to try again.”

Miller also admires EA’s attempts at new IPs like Army of Two and Mirror’s Edge, but says they need more blockbuster hits to catch Activision. Perhaps EA could use the profits from the properties acquired from Take-Two to finance their new IPs. By either pumping more money into production or even more importantly, marketing of the IPs, EA can use Take-Two’s franchises to create their own money makers and grow from there.

Of course it all sounds great on paper, but there’s a reason this deal didn’t work before. EA would need to suck it up and admit that Take-Two is worth a lot more than they thought before if they want to make something happen. A hefty financial sacrifice would need to be made before EA started making money on the deal, and it might not even be worth it if EA is more set on moving to digital distribution, which is not a Take-Two specialty.