7 days around the MMO world / January 21

It’s truly fascinating how the world works and even more fascinating is how the world to which virtual worlds revolve works. It seems that irony is a very cruel mistress as just last week we wrote about how NCSoft with specific regards to Aion and how they’re advocating security across the board. In an interesting twist of fate we have some news related to security and Aion.

The website AionSource.com came under a massive hacker attack on Jan. 24th and while the site’s admins defended against the attack and beefed up their security, some information was still leaked out. The email addresses of many of the website’s members have been leaked to hackers and have been subjected to subsequent phishing scams to gain access to player’s Aion accounts. So take this as a warning, do not under any circumstances provide account information through an email, especially if it comes from AionSource.com.

What is most surprising about this turn of events is that a site on the Curse network was hacked in such a manner. If anyone who’s anyone that plays MMOs, then they have visited the Curse network for mods, strategy guides, among other boat loads of information on the most popular MMOs. If Curse is susceptible to these sort of attacks, should we be more worried about our accounts’ security and worried about our personal information getting out? We would like to think that developers databases are more secure but the recent turn of events leaves us wondering.

Shifting gears into something a bit more positive, the Fallen Earth devs have given players a whole lot to be excited about. In a recent state of the game address, conveniently timed around another recent type of address, outlines the game’s future patch by patch. The first patch, 1.3, will bring in two new zones — Kaibab Forest and Deadfall Point — with extended level caps and added experience.

The next 1.4 patch will bring the full Deadfall zone to be explored by players and increasing the level cap by four. With the new zone comes many more evils to face and the new levels will bring about new crafts. In the last patch of the outline, 1.5, brings joy to the hearts of PvP players. This patch brings in arena style battles where clans will be able to fight it out on the blood soaked stage. They’ll be reworking animations for the new game mode as well as an achievement system. Needless to say Fallen Earth players have a lot laid out before them, literally.

It seems like for the die-hard players of Champions Online the journey has been full of ups and downs. It seems that the latest patch has proven to be one of those down turns in the adventure as it has made things worse rather than improving them. The patch was supposed to address a number of issues including lag problems in Lemuria. Around the same time as this patch, Cryptic announced that the rumored Vibora Bay contact update would now be a paid update. Needless to say players are feeling rather heated about the whole situation as the patch not only left out new content for 37-40 players and are now making players pay for it, but also made the lag issues worse.

As any MMO player will tell you, lag is not something that players want to deal with but sadly that isn’t where the issues end. Apparently crafting tables are consuming players’ materials without actually giving them the crafted item in return. Players are upset by the state of the game and the fact that there is a paid content patch coming so soon after launch. They’re feeling that the effort should rather be put into fixing the current content before trying to sell them new content, or at least offer the new content as free to make up for all the game breaking issues that still exist today.

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