Peter Moore: No EA Sports in 3D in 2010

Despite Sony jumping on the 3D bandwagon early, EA Sports President Peter Moore has made it clear that they are not working on anything in the third dimension right now. Moore said that the industry needs to take notice of Sony’s excitement over the new tech, “But believe me there’s nothing going on right now that would say I’m ready to demo a 3D sports game. Nothing at all.”

That’s a little bit surprising considering that EA Sports’ cable buddy ESPN is going to debut 3D cable channels in time for the World Cup this June. Still, it doesn’t mean Moore and his underlings are just sitting around waiting to make money on Madden 11. They’re hard at work getting ready to produce software for Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s “Arc”. Says Moore, “We’re getting in sync with Sony’s motion controller and Project Natal with what Sony and Microsoft want to do with their publishing partners, so stay tuned for further information on that as we get closer to the date.”

It’s clear that Moore and his teams are focusing their energy on the new motion control technology due out later this year. However, Moore has expressed some frustration, as the lack of knowledge over exact release dates is making it hard to plan for which games are adapted to which devices. “Don’t know. I do not know when they’re launching. Certainly Sony has made no public pronouncement at all, and Microsoft has said ‘holiday’, which obviously gives fudge room, so stay tuned,” Moore said when discussing release dates.

It’s good to know that EA Sports is seriously focused on the new technology, but I can see why they’re frustrated. After all, Madden pretty much has to be released in August in order to catch the NFL hype wave. If Moore doesn’t know what tech will be released by then, it becomes very difficult to plan for.