Sony “gambling” on Heavy Rain

The arguably QTE that is Heavy Rain is seen as a “gamble” on Sony’s part. According to Sony product manager for Heavy Rain Lucy Duncan, “being Sony, I suppose we have a little more luxury to take a gamble on more original and innovative IP – and Heavy Rain definitely fits that category. I suppose the risk is lessened if you have faith in the team behind the game and David and Guillaume and the guys at Quantic Dreams have really impressed,” she told CVG.

She also added, “I really believe Heavy Rain has a great chance of breaking out. As well as the reviews, there also feels like there is a real groundswell of anticipation from gaming communities and trade alike – so let’s see how it goes.”

Whether or not Heavy Rain will turn out to be a QTE remains to be seen, but even if it did, it might be a welcomed deviation to the massive onslaught of RPGs and first/third-person shooters that have seen the light of day lately. With a 91/100 head start on Metacritic, there might be a point to Duncan’s words.

Heavy Rain is hitting UK and US stores late February 2010.