BioWare sees a bright future ahead

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka believes that despite all the glory the Mass Effect franchise has been embraced with, especially the two million possible system-seller that is Mass Effect 2, they’re not done by a long shot. In fact, based on the ideology of the videogame-developing powerhouse, Muzyka said “our best work is still ahead of us.”

“The way we approach it is that each game has to be better than the last one,” Muzyka told CVG. “That’s always been true for the last 20 years we’ve been doing this, that’s just what we do. It’s kind of in our culture now. I think the team finds it reassuring that you’ve done something good, you’ve got great sales, great critical success, but they’re driven by making the next thing even better. That’s what drives me.”

“If it wasn’t difficult it wouldn’t be worth while,” Muzyka said. “Our best work is still ahead of us.”

While we can appreciate the enthusiasm and the acceptance of the challenge that is topping Mass Effect 2, it’s a pretty bold statement after having just released “a perfect sequel” as some describe the game to be. Reassuring, yet ballsy…