Dante’s Inferno will see “a lot of post-release content”

Though Dead Space developer Visceral Games unleashes their latest, quite literally hellish creation, Dante’s Inferno, upon the gaming masses early next week, the team is having trouble putting the poem down. That’s because they’re working on expanding and extending the fiction of Dante Alighieri’s famous first canto with downloadable content that’s “more than just items and skins,” according to executive producer and creative director Jonathan Knight.

“The team is very, very committed to [Dante’s Inferno]. We have a lot of post-release content planned. Dark Forest is one of the first big releases after the launch of the game, a prequel level that takes roughly the first canto of the poem where Dante is lost in the dark forest,” said Knight of the game’s first piece of announced DLC, available for both PlayStation 3 and and Xbox 360 owners (though the former will be getting it for free with the Divine Edition) during a recent roundtable interview. “It sorta bridges his journey back home to find Beatrice. It’s a really cool level, a really big piece of the gameplay. And that’s just the beginning.”

“I can say that we’ve got some really exciting downloadable content coming,” he continued. “There’s definitely going to be an extension to the fiction, there’s definitely going to be some pretty significant DLC associated with the game. That’s what the team’s focused on right now.”