Lords of Shadow quoted at “around 15 hours,” will involve jumping around

Twitter continues to be a invaluable source for off the cuff videogame news, and it has proved its usefulness once again with some tasty nuggets of info about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. David Cox is a producer at Konami, and he recently posted on the official Lords of Shadow twitter to tell us that “There is lots of platforming – climbing, jumping, using the combat cross to swing, grip, rappel and all sorts of stuff !!” Being this is a Castlevania game, I would certainly hope so, but the bigger piece of news involves the game’s length, which Cox pegs “around 15 hours,” which is quite a bit longer then your average Castlevania game.

Now that picture right up there is what I think of when I think about Castlevania. Well not necessarily Castlevania Adventure, maybe more like Super Castlevania IV, but specifically that classic 2D style of play. What I don’t think of is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which is a Devil May Cry style game made by the wonderful people who bestowed Clive Barker’s Jericho on the world. I don’t have anything against the idea, but I don’t know why I should be excited for a 3D Castlevania game when every other 3D Castlevania game hasn’t quite worked out all that well.