Ubisoft likes Natal

French developer Ubisoft is calling Microsoft’s Project Natal a “paradigm shift.” But this isn’t just talk – Ubisoft currently has ten Natal-focused games in the pipeline for the Xbox 360. The company’s managing director, Rob Cooper, recently spoke of the rapid evolution of game control mechanisms: “The game controller has been and is still the accepted input amongst core gaming audiences, so we need to ensure they accept these new forms of input, too. Microsoft has iterated on Nintendo’s offering with Project Natal in introducing a paradigm shift, and Ubisoft is supporting Natal with over ten products in development.”

However, while Ubisoft is being aggressive in developing for the new technology, it will ultimately be consumer behavior to the new motion-based controls that will dictate the company’s relationship with Natal, as Cooper illustrated, “Perhaps the most crucial factor to a paradigm shift in new motion control schemes are whether all audiences accept it to ensure profitability.”