Aliens vs Predator demo hatches on XBL this week

An alignment of stars has just happened in the gaming world. While combing through the Aliens vs Predator files and re-watching the survivor mode gameplay, we started thinking how awesome it would be to get a demo of the game before its launch; sadly, with no announcement of its coming, all hope seemed lost. Afterward, while looking around, trying to find out who left the coffee pot empty, we spotted three first issue copies of the Aliens vs Predator comic book set for another one of our Twitter giveaways and the original movie Aliens on the television – something was telling us to look again.

Our gut feeling was right, the demo that previously had no date or console assigned to it now has both. According to an ad spotted on Xbox Live’s Spotlight channel, the AvP demo will hit the Xbox 360 this Thursday, on February 4, just twelve days before the game’s release on February 16. Sega itself has no comment, meaning there’s no confirmation of what game modes or levels will be represented in the demo, but plenty of time to tell if shooting things in their space face is going to be worth our money.