Updated / CBS rejects original Dante’s Inferno ad

Update: Previous video was not actually the real Super Bowl ad. Replaced it with the real thing below (minus the new tagline).

Original story: For a game where viewers watch for both the action on the field and the television commercials, CBS has continued to ramp up the hype for this week’s Super Bowl on both fronts. After allowing a controversial ad featuring college football star Tim Tebow and rejecting another from a gay dating site, the broadcast company has again made waves by turning down an ad from Dante’s Inferno.

The Electronic Arts game has been shown through various trailers and gameplay video across the internet, all ending in the tagline, “Go To Hell.” This, apparently, did not sit well with CBS, who made EA change the line to the less impactful, “Hell Awaits.”

See three grabs as well as the trailer itself below.