Co-op and custom levels coming to Dante’s Inferno via DLC

When you’ve got a game like Dante’s Inferno due out over the coming week, a leak of information regarding your first DLC for said unreleased game probably ranks somewhere above ‘inconvenient’. The aforementioned DLC, Trials of St. Lucia, will supposedly introduce online co-op and a game editor (dev video below), allowing anyone to create custom trials geared around the ever popular ‘waves of enemies’ approach.

The trials editor is set to feature custom modes and all the enemies from the single-player, as well as a few new faces, including ‘The Summoner’. Can’t possibly imagine what he’ll do. In addition to this, online leaderboards and unlocks look to be included. When playing co-op, a second player will assume the role of the eponymous St. Lucia, another saint with a particular penchant for oversized scythes and bloody violence.

Trials of St. Lucia is tentatively penned for April 29th. On a related note, Dante’s Inferno will be available in the US, Europe and Australia over the next seven days.