Dead Space dev “committed to the polish level of each game”

Dead Space series developer Visceral Games feels it’s getting known as a studio that puts out bug free and highly polished games, executive producer and creative director Jonathan Knight said during a recent roundtable interview, noting that their next release, Dante’s Inferno, should assist with solidifying that image further.

“One of the things we’re getting known for at Visceral, and I hope this game really help solidify that, is how we’re committed to the polish level of each game,” Knight said when talking about Dante’s Inferno. “If people are spending a lot of money on them, I think [they] have the right to expect really, really high quality software and really polished experiences. We had a healthy polish period at the end of the game and we feel like we addressed everything we wanted to. So now it’s the waiting game to see how it’s received.”

Dante’s Inferno is out this Friday, February 5, in Europe and next Tuesday, on February 9, in North America.