Giveaway / Aliens vs Predator, Mass Effect comic books

With Aliens vs Predator hitting shelves this month, and Mass Effect 2 already tearing up the sales charts, the kind folks over at Dark Horse Comics have decided to give readers of TVGB some comic books based on each game. Three winners will get two comics each, one copy of Mass Effect Redemption #1 and the Raymond Swanland covered Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War #1.

Just like all our previous giveaways, the one thousand plus followers of our Twitter account are automagically entered and have to do nothing at all. If you are not following us – why not? – and want to get in on this and each subsequent giveaway, just go to our Twitter page and “follow” us. Winners will be contacted through their Twitter account on Friday evening, so keep an eye on those direct messages.