Microsoft making ‘game and other announcements’ at next week’s X10

Microsoft’s Xbox 360-centric X10 event next week will bring some game as well as other announcements that can’t be spoken of quite yet, Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has teased. “I’m gonna be in San Francisco for a press event that we’re doing called X10 [where] we will be announcing all sorts of cool games and stuff, other stuff that I can’t really talk about yet,” Hryb said on his latest podcast this past Sunday.

The event was announced early last week — when Microsoft noted that Project Natal as well as Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable III, Halo: Reach, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Final Fantasy XIII, Xbox Live’s Game Room and new content for Left 4 Dead 2 will making appearances — and will take place next Thursday, on February 11.