Sega taunts gamers with Shenmue sequel talk

Shenmue was an ambitious series that unfortunately never gave gamers any closure, and Sega has once again felt the need to offer a shred of hope to those fans still keeping hope alive. In the recent developer’s issue from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu 360, Sega mentioned that they haven’t forgotten about the series but that it would need the sales to support a sequel.

The translation also allegedly states that Sega would love to do another Shenmue title if they had the chance but with the previous two entries performing poorly things look hazy. Sounds like Sega is throwing a bone to fans that have been waiting for their sirloin for a long time. Yu Suzuki could write up a 50 page manga to sum up the story at this point and fans would be happy. Oh well, there’s always high quality fan fiction…