The Secret World in-game footage debuts, kind of

After some well-made CG trailers, artworks and screenshots, Age of Conan developer Funcom is now giving a look — although a very grainy and distorted one — at some actual in-game footage from their shortly delayed The Secret World MMO. The video above shows off the New England town of Kingsmouth where clearly all is not well — better have a look to find out just what happened and why.

Funcom’s Director of Communications Erling Ellingsen promises undistorted, full color video to debut at GDC 2010 next month where the first gameplay footage will be shown for the first time as well, also hinting that more may appear before then, “… much can happen before March and some of the gamers out there might want to keep their tin foil hats on and their eyes keenly open for more mysterious clues to appear.”