Codemasters limit the damage, fewer getting laid off than first thought

When it comes to big titles, nothing from publisher Codemasters exactly springs to mind right away. Sure, Dirt 2 and Operation Flashpoint are great games, but they’re far from the best selling titles of the year. For that reason, it seemed believable when the company was rumored to have laid off marketing staff a few days back.

Turns out that isn’t strictly true. Six people are sadly being laid off, but this is the extent of the damage. “As many organizations have in the past year, Codemasters has reassessed the scale of its North American office and is returning to a core Sales and Publishing operation that will receive significant support from our distribution partners,” the company said in a statement.

“In light of this restructure, six staff have been let go from the US commercial team, three from marketing; we recognise and thank them for their efforts during the past year. Codemasters’ office in Burbank CA remains operational under the management of Bill West and we look forward to a focussed relationship with our distribution and marketing partners going forward.”