Dante’s Inferno and BioShock 2 launch on the same day, Visceral’s not concerned

EA’s new intellectual property Dante’s Inferno shares its North American release date with that of BioShock 2, the prequel/sequel to one of the freshest and highly praised original new properties to come out in recent years. Is developer Visceral Games concerned then that Dante’s trip to the depths of hell coincides with the original Big Daddy’s dealings at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Nah.

“In life, there’s the things you can control and things you can’t control,” Visceral’s senior VP Nick Earl mused. “What we can control here is the business infrastructure and the quality of the stuff we create. Whether we’re in a busy quarter or a busy year, we can’t change that. I can’t be too concerned with our competitive slate; our team has put so much time into Dante’s Inferno and I have a lot of faith in it.”

Earl adds that they’re in this for the long run and that at the end of the day, “quality will rule”.

“We really think we have a winner in the game; right now we’re at three million downloads of the demo.”

Both games received some rather fancy new trailers this week — Dante’s Inferno one here, BioShock 2’s here.