Forza devs begin creating “a way of life”

Not content to just churn out another sequel in the Forza franchise, Turn 10 have revealed grand plans for their next game. Game Director Dan Greenawalt has said that his team are looking to create not just a game, but a “way of life.”

Speaking to VG247, Greenawalt outlined Turn 10’s ambitions, “Now the question is, how do we take all of that to the next level? How do we go from being a “Racing Game” to being a “Car Game” to being a way of life? These are just some of the tenants we’ve taken to heart for our next project.”

What exactly that means we’re not sure. VG247 neglected to ask. More cars? More tracks? More cars and tracks!? We can only wait in wide-eyed wonder.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait on the name of this new project too. Greenwalt said that Turn 10 have “nothing to announce at this time.” But we guess it’s pretty safe to assume he’s talking about Forza 4.