Dark Void DLC coming next week

PoorDark Void. It kind of landed in the middle of so many other great games that it hasn’t made much of a noise on the gaming scene. Still, for those that did lay down money on the game Capcom is going to be giving you some DLC next week. The DLC will be a group of “Survivor Missions” in which players will take on waves of enemies, with the goal being to beat all ten levels and rock up an awesome high score. It should have a very arcadey feel to it, which sounds perfect for the jetpacking gameplay of Dark Void.

The DLC is going to land on the 360 on Feb. 10 and will cost 400 points. It will then land on the PS3 on Feb. 11 with a cost of $4.99. If you’ve been digging the game then it should be a pretty easy decision, and you’ll also be pleased to hear that the soundtrack is going to be released as well. It’ll have all the tracks from the game and a remix of the Dark Void Zero main theme. As you can probably tell from my gross generalizations about the game I haven’t played it, so I’ve got no clue if any of this is truly worthwhile, but it could be. Oh yes, it could be.