Mustaches are hot, Red Dead Redemption has at least one

The mustache. Who knows its true power. It makes women weak at the knees and men without one envious. Sure there are plenty of people out there who attempt a stache and fail epically, but for those who truly cultivate their facial hair it can become a thing of great power. It can even get you into a videogame.

This past November was Movember, a month that celebrates the mustache while also raising awareness for men’s health issues (mustaches on women are not so good). In celebration of Movember, Rockstar set up a contest to find the best mustache and the winner would appear in Red Dead Redemption. That winner has been selected, and as you can see from the virtual copy of him above, he has quite the upper lip warmer. Charles Leece cultivated that sucker over the month of Movember while raising funds for men’s health organizations and now he and his handlebar mustache will be appearing as an outlaw in RDR.

Basically, Leece got the power of an awesome mustache, helped support and good cause and is not in a major videogame where he can be hunted down and killed. Things are looking up for him.