No plans for Splinter Cell: Conviction demo

Contrary to recent reports, there are currently no plans to release a demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Last December, in a video interview with the inimitable HipHopGamer, an unamed Ubisoft representative confirmed that a demo of Sam Fisher’s latest would be appearing on Xbox 360 in January. However, it’s February and it has yet to appear. Indeed, it doesn’t look like it will.

Speaking to VG247 today, a Ubisoft rep said that, “There is no plan for a demo [at the moment].”

All of which throws some question marks over the voracity of the original story. We can confirm, however, that the excited push-ups that HHG does at 4:40 in the vid, are 100% genuine and 100% awesome.

Splinter Cell: Conviction hits shelves on Apr. 14 in the US, Apr. 15 in Europe and Australia, for 360 and PC.