Aliens vs. Predator vs. connection issues – fix on the way, new trailer already here

If you’re interested in Aliens getting into fisticuffs with Predators, then chances are you’re already getting your appropriate fix from the Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo. But for many out there (including myself) connections issues have been ever the burden, with some apparently not even able to get into a single match. Concerning this, Rebellion have spoken out; stating that they are “working flat out on a solution” for the PS3’s matchmaking troubles. “Unprecedented demand” has been cited as the cause of the problem, but Rebellion have noted that while the demo is limited to matchmaking, the full game will feature the ability to browse for and create games.

In the meantime, while things work themselves out, sate your appetite for xenomorphs and bleepy motion tracking things with a new Marine gameplay trailer. Also, game over, man.