Capcom preparing for the 3D revolution

Between the movie Avatar and this year’s CES it seems that 3D TV is all the rage and everyone is looking to get a piece of that pie. Not being one to be left out, it appears that Capcom is gearing up to bring 3D to some of their videogames. When asked about the 3D technology during their Q3 Q&A call Capcom stated that they’re getting ready to support the technology from a strategic standpoint. “We can produce 3D games now from a technological standpoint. Although we are prepared to start research involving some titles, our decision about adding 3D to games will be made from a strategic perspective.”

It sounds like they’re preparing for the eventual upswing in demand for 3D videogames. At the very least they’ll be ready to implement something real in 3D when the technology becomes more readily available to consumers. We can’t say we’re too excited for the technology ourselves but can’t really fault a company like Capcom positioning itself so it doesn’t get caught with its pants down. Fortunately for them they already have a tad of experience as they’ve made Resident Evil 5 to work with nVidia’s 3D vision on the PC, so perhaps that experience will give them an edge in the 3D gaming market.