High Voltage’s Wii fighter renamed, dated

Announced as Gladiator A.D. just before E3 last year (where the above trailer is from), The Conduit developer High Voltage Software’s Wii exclusive has been renamed and given a release window. Publisher Sega says the brawler that is looking to take “Wii weapon-based fighting to a bigger place,” according to High Voltage’s COO Eric Nofsinger, is now going by the name of Tournament of Legends and will be released some time in May of this year.

Powered once more by High Voltage’s own Quantum 3 engine, the arena fighter’s visuals aim yet again to be among the Wii’s best yet. “Along with a wide selection of blade weapons and animated magic attacks we’ve achieved rich graphical effects and detailed, epic characters with the Quantum 3 engine. The mythological characters are some of the biggest 3D playable characters on Wii,” Nofsinger adds.