Nippon Ichi’s 2009 profits down 97.5%, dood!

The following news story woke me up in a hurry this morning on top of absolutely breaking my heart. Nippon Ichi software, the quirky little publisher famous for their super goofy anime inspired RPGs recently published their 2009 earnings report, and I truly thought it was a joke. It seems that Nippon Ichi has had a bad year so far. A really bad year. Like “so bad you’re jaw is gonna hit the floor” level bad. If you think I’m overselling this a little bit, think again as the Japanese publisher posted a 97.5% decrease in operating profits through the first three quarters of their 2009 fiscal year.

The company hasn’t been as active as they were in past years, primarily making games for the PSP. Their 2009 portfolio also includes many re-releases such as Disgaea 2 on PSP and Phantom Brave: we meet again on Wii, which probably didn’t do much to expand their audience. Not making matters any better, their only entry into the HD systems this past year was Cross Edge, which I think might be the worst game of this console generation. Now they only posted a decrease in profits, so the publisher could still technically profitable, but jeez does that look damning in print.