New details emerge about Fallout New Vegas

The buzz surrounding Fallout New Vegas isn’t stopping at its recently released trailer; those who got their hands on magazines featuring the new title wasted no time in picking out information of the game set in the wild west.

The story itself is centered around the conflicts of the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion and New Vegas residents. Area 51 will make an appearance. New Vegas will continue to be a first-person RPG utilizing the Fallout 3 engine. The locale is the Mojave wastelands, with Vegas itself still standing strong after getting spared the many warheads it could have received. VATS is coming back with melee weapons having special moves associated with it. Skills will have a larger effect on conversation choices and a reputation system has been added which will affect how each faction will view the player.

An optional hardcore mode will be available to players that gives weight to ammo, require that their character drink water to prevent dehydration and health-granting items such as stimpacks will heal over time instead of instantly. If the hardcore RPG player in you is begging for some realism, it sounds like this mode will be able to quench your thirst, because if it doesn’t, then you dehydrate, and it’s just that hardcore.