Sony now loses a lot less money on every PS3 sold

It’s been a common practice for some time now: Make a really expensive console that most consumers can’t afford, sell it for a bit less so they can afford it, then make up the difference and even turn a profit with the sales of games. Having said that, it’s still mind blowing that Sony’s PlayStation 3 originally cost $500 – $600. Luckily, technology progresses, dated technologies become easier and cheaper to make, and that loss starts to shrink. For Sony, the loss has seen quite a drop. It’s no profit, but it’s an improvement all the same. Back in the “OMG TOO EXPENSIVE” days, Sony lost $37 on every PS3 sold. Now, the number has dipped to $18. Good news for a company just starting to turn profits again. Hopefully this means more pocket change to publish more cool games… or something else cool.