AvP Xbox 360 demo numbers impress, first review doesn’t

It’s about as balanced as Amy Winehouse, but the Xbox 360 demo of Aliens vs Predator is doing decent numbers. The forthcoming shooter/slicer/eater registered 14,000 downloads over Xbox Live last weekend.

“Just looking at how the demo’s been rated on Xbox Live tells its own story,” said Senior Producer Dave Brickley. “14,000 downloads in a few days and an approval rating of 4.5/5, we’re absolutely delighted with the response.”

“Someone described it as being an Avatar day,” he added. “People’s perceptions were turned upside down but having had time to get to grips with the combat system and the three species the comments are almost humbling, they see what we’ve done is deliver something genuinely new and fresh, a real reason to stop playing what they are currently, and we just can’t have asked for more than that – and they’ve only seen one mode,” he added.

Unfortunately for Brickley, Game Informer have seen all of the game. They gave it 5.75/10 (via VG247). Eek.