Nippon Ichi’s stock drops ¥7,000, dood!

Last week when news of Nippon Ichi Software’s downright stupefying 97.5% operating loss arrived, I maintained a small amount of optimism that maybe it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Unfortunately for me and the dozens and dozens of other Nippon Ichi fans in the western world, their investors thought it was pretty bad. When the JASDAQ stock exchange opened on Monday, Nippon Ichi’s shares were worth ¥36,200. After a day long fire sale, the shares had plummeted nearly 20% to ¥29,200. It got so bad that JASDAQ put a freeze on the stock to prevent a higher suicide rate among active Nippon Ichi board members.

Things obviously are not looking great for the quirky little publisher, and one might ask themselves in these dark times, “What can I do?” I suggest speaking with your wallet and buying a new copy of a Nippon Ichi game. Of course, Nippon Ichi is infamous for their limited distributions so acquiring a new copy of a Nippon Ichi title after around two weeks can be tricky, but if you find a copy of Disgaea 3 laying around, give it a shot. Just, for the love of god, please do not buy Cross Edge.