Update 3 / And the big Ubisoft announcement is..

Update 3: The teaser trailer
Update 2:
The game’s coming to the Wii, PSP, DS, too
Update: Looks like the PC version may be released at a different time. “PS3 and 360 coming out at the same time. More PC details later,” the game’s community developer Kimi Matsuzaki tweets.

Original story: ..as no doubt quickly deciphered from the image above, a new Ghost Recon game. Called Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as the trademark filing last year suggested, the title is once more in development at Ubisoft’s Paris studio which, after working on both GRAW and GRAW 2, is already well acquainted with the tactical shooter series.

The announcement doesn’t offer much information about the game except for the usual “unparalleled level of quality,” “state-of-the-art single-player and multiplayer modes” chatter but it does bring news of a multiplayer beta. For a limited time, those who buy Splinter Cell: Conviction for the Xbox 360 will get access to the beta (no platforms specified) that will happen sometime this summer.

A teaser trailer for the game should be up on Xbox Live today and on the web tomorrow. And Ubisoft hints that there’s more news to come.

Future Soldier is out worldwide in holiday 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.