Bad Company 2 gets day one DLC via in-game store

In-game “stores” seem to be the trending topic around videogame developer water coolers these days. Following the success of the Cerberus network in Mass Effect 2, DICE has announced they will implement their own storefront inside Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to allow for convenient DLC access; some of which will become available on launch day.

“We see the game as the first step to a longer experience,” said Patrick Bach, senior producer for Bad Company 2. “We have an in-game store where you get free content or you can buy new content to the game, so it’s a very integral part of the game that we will have a long post-launch campaign. I think people will be thrilled to see what’s in that already. On day one, you will get some really cool stuff.”

No word on just what is going to be waiting for us in early March, but we hope it has the ability to shoot our opponents in the face; or maybe prevent that from happening to us. Either way, the ratio of faces shot should be skewed in our favor thanks to the day one DLC.