BioWare’s long-term plans for Mass Effect and Dragon Age

BioWare founder Ray Muzyka has told IGN that downloadable content as well as “stand alone products” and “expansion packs” are in store for both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

“We like to support our games long-term,” said Muzyka. “Our fans are really important to us, and we try and support them. We have long-term plans for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect.”

“We have a separate team running in parallel as part of the franchise team,” he continued. “You know, people are moving back and forth, but we’ve made a dedicated investment in DLC for Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so we’re going to support them for a long time. Stand alone products, expansion packs, things like that as well.”

Muzyka’s words echo those of Electronic Arts. Speaking at EA’s conference call yesterday, COO John Schappert stated that “something far-reaching” from the Mass Effect franchise is set to hit in fiscal year 2011. What that means precisely, we’re not sure. But along with BioWare’s pledge, the chances of a meaty new adventure in the Mass Effect universe doesn’t look out of the question.