Mass Effect 2 tops other January releases six-to-one, estimates say

Using a series of superior mathematical equations that are far beyond my understanding, it has been estimated that Mass Effect 2 outsold all other major retail releases by a margin of six-to-one. DFC Intelligence, doomsayers of recent past, have taken the gameplay stats from GamerDNA and formulated that the return of Commander Shepard has resulted in over a million copies being sold this past January. For those not down with the whole counting thing, that is a whole bunch.

DFC has a track record of accurately estimating these numbers based on GamerDNA data. In fact, just this past November they correctly guess-timated that Modern Warfare 2 had sold 4.2 million copies on the Xbox 360. Tackling the numbers game with a wide array of charts and graphs made for a very colorful, if hard to read, comparison, so here is the breakdown the company has calculated for January titles. Mass Effect 2 – 1.1 million, Army of Two: The 40th Day – 175,000, Bayonetta – 170,000, and Darksiders – 150,000.