Player’s actions to shape plot, characters and environment in Fallout New Vegas

Between the teaser trailer and the flood of gameplay details, new information regarding Fallout New Vegas has been arriving thick and fast this week. Keeping that particular ball rolling, Obsidian have spoken about some of their intentions for the upcoming Fallout title.

“When it comes to the end of the game we want players to feel like they shaped the world,” states Josh Sawyer, project director on New Vegas, alluding that every decision or action in the game “will have consequences that you’ll actually be able to see in the plot, the environment and the characters that live within it.” Fittingly enough, New Vegas is said to feature branching mission paths, NPCs with fleshed out motivations and, most controversially, multiple endings.

Given the Obsidian folks’ proficiency with the RPG genre; It seems as though there could be something genuinely interesting about the way the player will interact with the wasteland, provided it’s not just persistently filling a beggar with purified water.