Activision using Modern Warfare 2 launch as ‘a roadmap’

The well-executed launch of Modern Warfare 2 will be used as ‘a roadmap for effectiveness and efficiency,’ Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith has said. The game’s launch last November broke a number of industry records by becoming the fastest-selling interactive entertainment product of all time, leaving behind previous record holder Grand Theft Auto IV and even surpassing the largest reported five-day opening worldwide box office gross figures.

“This unprecedented achievement is a result of a well orchestrated and globally integrated approach across the company,” Griffith said during the company’s financial reports call yesterday.

“Our sales and marking teams for the first time successfully leveraged social media to event marketed launch date and engage our broad network of fans around the world. Retailers strongly supported the title with a number of retail funded TV campaigns that hosted over 10,000 midnight store openings in North America alone.

“And our finance and supply chain teams were able to execute the biggest global launch as measured by the first five days of sell-through in a history of our industry assuring that we had stock when and where we needed it without undue credit risk. In total, we use our learning and experience from this effort to the roadmap for future launches in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency.”

On the same call it was said that the company does not expect similar success with this year’s Call of Duty title, but that they’ll be “bullish” with it nonetheless.